It has been a while. I haven’t written here for a year, mostly because I began to write for other outlets about a range of things: from the Ebola crisis; to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and recent pledges to get to zero; and the guinea worm eradication campaign, as it also winds down. I also had my hands full with teaching, lecturing and the other bread-and-butter academic things.

My first book came out. And I chatted with Kelly Hills at Virtually Speaking Science, Amy Costello at Tiny Spark and Anita Chary at Global Health Hub, and a few others about it.

I traveled to lots of wonderful places to talk about the book and its resonance for other health crises, development aid, and humanitarian assistance. (One of my recent favorites was at the University of Oklahoma).

I accepted a job at Northwestern University, based in the department of anthropology and the Program of African Studies. I’m excited to start in a place with a rich tradition in African Studies, anthropology and African American Studies.

But before I go there… I am on sabbatical at Harvard Medical School, as I write up research on the global surgery movement, the guinea worm eradication program (with my colleague Amy Moran-Thomas), and anthropological theory in times of crisis (case study: Ebola).

One day, I will write about the National Football League. (Go Bears?)


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