Life Sheltered in Place, the book

I am supposed to be finishing a full draft of my manuscript, The Fever Archive, a book about the West African Ebola outbreak, right now. My ambitious plan was to submit it to the press by May 1, but that is looking unlikely. It's fine. We are living under conditions of exception. Any attempt to... Continue Reading →

Evidence in things not yet felt

In a recent article, Alison Howell asks us to rethink militarization as a useful descriptor or analytic of contemporary politics. Specifically, Howell suggests that “it is not that ‘war’ is encroaching on ‘peace,’ and it is not that ‘the military’ is trespassing on the ‘civilian.’ Rather, ‘martial politics’ are fundamental to the constitution and continued... Continue Reading →

But my soul is a witness

I did not start out thinking that these cases shared any close connection, or demonstrated any meaningful pattern. Even as they were housed in the same building. Even as these connections were loosely stitched together for me in my first conversation with the curator. But a few things happened that made it difficult for me... Continue Reading →

My memory stammers

On August 5, 2014, Nancy Writebol became the second American to be evacuated to Atlanta from Liberia for Ebola treatment. Accompanied by police and FBI escorts from Dobbins Air Reserves base, Writebol was met by several attendants at the Emory University Hospital on Clifton Road. The ride to the hospital, while described by authorities as... Continue Reading →

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